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Coaching for Entrance Exams

Coaching for Entrance Exams

The design, planning, structure and construction of physical structures and buildings are an elaborate process. The entire process and its products are known as architecture.

A preparation for a career in architecture begins at the high school level. In order to become familiar with the core concepts and practices in architecture, a strong foundation in Mathematics is essential. To be more specific, a student who wants to pursue a degree in architecture should be well versed in trigonometry, calculus and algebra. This is because there is a need for computations and mathematical analyses in the field of architecture.

Your high school performance in English is also important because you need to communicate with your clients. Physics, design and drafting and laboratory sciences are also subjects of paramount importance. These prerequisites should be kept in mind before you can consider coaching for architecture entrance exam in a university.

Architectural entrance exams tend to zero in on your grasp of the basic concepts of high school mathematics. They also analyze your ability to apply the same to real world situations. The entrance exams also test your sensitivity to aesthetics and general aptitude. They also gauge the level of your architectural awareness.

The aesthetic sensitivity tests comprise of a set of computer adaptive, online and multiple choice tests questions. The tests are geared towards assessing your architectural awareness and your basic mental abilities. The mental abilities include your analytical thinking, English communication skills and your quantitative abilities. During the entrance exams, each student will get a different set of questions.

You will also be engaged in a drawing test. The test has three parts generally and they are a memory drawing test and 2D/3D tests. The 2D drawing tests assesses your colour sense and aesthetics. The 3D tests entail the visualization of 3D objects. You will be required to also draw images and objects in three dimensions.

The memory drawing questions are advanced and quite complex. You will be required to draw landscapes and scenes from points of view considered odd.

At the second level of architecture entrance coaching, a step by step approach is used to help you learn the basic of drawing and design. As you advance, you will be taught how to manage your time effectively and solve difficult problems. You will also be shown how to make your drawings and designs better than your counterparts.

The entrance exams are designed to ensure that you improve as you advance through the various tiered levels.

When coaching for architecture entrance, there are a number of established centres and facilities that offer the services at a fee. Identify the one that is convenient to you and falls within your budgetary constraints. This will provide you with a great start to a rewarding career in architecture.

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